Laurens Cleaners Green Commitment

Laurens Cleaners has recently invested in the state-of-the-art Firbimatic EcoGreen Dry Cleaning Machine, featuring the sophisticated SMART microprocessor and COMBI computer. This amazing unit is eco-friendly, innovative, flexible for alternative solvents, and cost effective. Manufactured in Italy, it uses cutting edge technology to conserve energy due to its sophisticated computer technology, while boosting quality, reducing operator error and process variance, and protecting the environment.

Why is Firbimatic different from the rest?

  • Continuous filtration of fluids to remove micro particles of soil and contaminants; double lint filtration with an ecological spin filter; pre-programmed, automatic fluid distillation process.
  • Vortex Vapor Induction Drying System greatly reduces drying times through the use of a specially designed drying chamber; with its unique fan placement, and condensing and heat pump coils. This technology increases the flow of both air and solvent vapor into the recovery chamber; with auto lockouts eliminating emissions and any escape of Freon gas.
  • The COMBI computer allows a constant drying temperature, with a cool down feature improving quality and facilitating easier finishing.
  • Constant monitoring of moisture and detergent charge to maintain cleaning fluid purity, clarity, and pH to eliminate shrinkage and change of appearance.
  • Maintaining constant temperature of fluids to eliminate dye run or dye transfer in cleaning.
  • Added textiles supplement “Enliven” for garment body and softness.

Laurens uses the finest cleaning agents available in the industry with a keen eye toward safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility.  A Class III A/B hydrocarbon cleaning fluid replaces the outmoded, expensive, and highly flammable petroleum solvent with its strong, telltale odor. Another solvent, PERC (perchloroethylene), is still used by 85% of the smaller operations in our area.  PERC is abrasive on clothing, harsh to your skin, and toxic to the environment, due to its identification by the EPA as a probable human carcinogen.  California has outlawed its use; and Illinois is considering following suit. It contaminates the groundwater and pollutes the air with harmful emissions. Laurens has never used it!  We are a TOTALLY GREEN COMPANY, using only natural, eco-friendly products; while recycling plastic bags and hangers (over 160K annually) to help reduce landfill waste. We do not charge environmental impact fees to our customers to pay to dispose of dirty solvent or spent cartridges as other competitors!

What sets Laurens Cleaners apart from our competition?

  • One of the few who actually pre-spot garments and textiles for optimum quality.
  • Full range of dry cleaning and laundry services including alterations, area rugs, bed pillows and linens, comforters, cushions, draperies (including take down/ rehang), heirlooming (wedding and christening gowns), leather and fur, reweaving, table linens, and upholstery.
  • Laurens “Executive Shirt Service” shirt service is unequaled! We use a soil penetrant to reduce soil rings; and a state-of-the-art liquid injection system, which ensures whiter whites, more vivid colors.
    • “Personal Valet” shirt service includes:

1)      Replacing broken or missing buttons; whether they arrived like that, or stressed buttons which crack in process; matching existing ones, or replacing whole sets if no match is available.

2)      Replace or provide collar stays as needed.

3)      Use “butterflies” over top buttons to form collars as “fresh from the press”.

4)      Use cuff clips on French cuffs for ease in using cuff links.

  • NO Environmental surcharges levied upon our customers to pay for disposal of dirty solvent or spent cartridges as required by law!
  • NO Delivery fees.

Laurens Cleaners is a Professional Member of the Dry Cleaners and Launderers Institute (DLI) with educational, textile laboratory analysis, and technical training available to garment care professionals since 1883.

Firbimatic is distributed locally by Haiges Machinery in Huntley.


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