Valet Service

Valet Service – Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service in the Libertyville, Northbrook and Glenview IL Area

Laurens Cleaners provides a convenient, reliable, high quality, dry cleaning and laundry service at a very competitive price! Our hallmark “Personal Valet Service” insures your particular garment processing preferences and concerns are directly highlighted, addressed, and re-inspected to your complete satisfaction every time! No more unanswered calls; you have our direct numbers for personal response and superior customer service.

You do not have to be home to participate!

Laurens provides water-repellant soil bags, imprinted with our logo. This bag reminds charitable organizations that it is not a donation. Pre-printed bag tags, with UPC coding, identify your clothing separate from others’. This bag travels with the order; which avoids issues of cross-contamination, since they never go into general population.

Laurens develops customized and secure pick-up and delivery arrangements to your comfort level and lifestyle. Our route salesmen are timely and flexible; our service varies only 15 minutes on an average service day. Our route representatives respect and protect your property! Their mere presence in visiting your home provides increased visibility and accountability to your neighbors and outsiders alike.

Laurens can visit your home or office only once per week; or every day, if your volume and wardrobe demands dictate. We can turn your soiled garments quickly; same day service available as necessary, although three day turnaround is most common. Does this sound like it would save you time, gas, and aggravation?

Alterations can be handled on the route by your trained personal valet; simply pin the item to the proper dimension(s); or put a note in the attached soil bag pouch with your specific wishes, and we will call with any clarifying questions; fittings are available, special arrangements are an option for “home bound” clients.

Laurens “Personal Valet” shirt service is unequaled! We use the finest quality, natural cleaning agents, soil penetrants, and detergents in a state-of-the-art liquid injection system; which ensures whiter whites, more vivid colors, and “extras” that others simply do not provide.

1.) Replace broken or missing buttons; whether they arrived like that, or stressed buttons which crack in process; matching existing ones, or replacing whole sets if no match is available.

2.) Replace or provide collar stays as needed.

3.) Use “butterflies” over top buttons to form collars as fresh from the press.

4.) Use cuff clips on French cuffs for ease in using cuff links.

Since Laurens is a TOTALLY GREEN, environmentally responsible company, we re-cycle all plastic cleaners bags and hangers in cardboard caddies provided as a courtesy to you. These caddies improve the convenience of organization and home storage, and ease of handling. Further, we dispose all waste by-products according to Illinois EPA statutes. Laurens does not charge any environmental surcharges to their clients, as other dry cleaners in our area. The cost of compliance is Laurens’ responsibility!

Further, we provide natural, re-usable garment bags for those who wish to opt out of traditional plastic covers for clean returns. They have drawstring closures at the bottom to keep wind, dust, and other particles from blowing under your delivered cleaning. Plastic pouches keep invoices clean and dry for accounting purposes. These bags travel with your soiled clothing back to the store, where they are re-assembled with your clean orders returning to you. Again, no cross-contamination.


  • Efficiency-Time savings (one less errand to remember) & gas savings.
  • Convenience-personal soil bags for ease of identification and handling.
  • Reliability-custom service schedule by uniformed, professional, trained staff.
  • Totally GREEN cleaner-natural cleaning fluids & environmentally responsible recycling of waste (fluids, filters, hangers, and plastic); natural garment bags available.
  • Pre-spotting provided at no charge for optimum quality.
  • Alterations (shortening take in/let out, holes in pockets, etc.) and sewing (buttons, tack cuffs, seams, hooks/eyes, etc.); all at reasonable rates.
  • No environmental surcharges as other area cleaners; no delivery fee.
  • Personal valet service-you have our direct cell numbers; customized personal preferences.
  • Professional Member of the Dry Cleaners and Launderers Institute (DLI).

Does this sound like it would make your life easier? We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Laurens does the right thing, at the right time every day!