@ Your Workplace

Employee Dry Cleaning – in Northbrook, Glenview and Libertyville IL

Laurens Cleaners specializes in designing and implementing employee dry cleaning and laundry programs on-site with neither hassle nor concern! Such programs offer intrinsic value as an employee benefit and a time management tool, as well. Further, they tend to improve productivity by eliminating distractions over tedious garment concerns and logistics, leaving more time to focus on job responsibilities.

From the beginning, our mission has been to provide the highest quality dry cleaning service (European Standards), with acute attention to detail, superior customer service, at the lowest price possible!  Friendly, trained, professional, uniformed staff add depth to our mission statement.  Our vision has been to provide a garment cleaning service which could not be exceeded.

We use the finest cleaning agents and fluids available in the industry with a keen eye toward safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility.  Over 85% of the companies in our area still use the carcinogenic PERC solvent (perchloroethylene) which is abrasive on clothing, harsh to your skin, and toxic to the environment.  California has outlawed its use, and Illinois is considering following suit. It contaminates the groundwater and pollutes the air.  Laurens has never used it!  Laurens is a TOTALLY GREEN COMPANY, using only natural, environmentally safe products; and recycling plastic bags and hangers. We do not charge environmental impact fees to our customers to pay to dispose of dirty solvent or spent cartridges as other competitors who may be coming to your property! At LAURENS, we “do the right thing, at the right time consistently!”

Laurens is one of the few who still pre-spot items before dry cleaning. The fact is that many common spots (i.e. grease, coffee, wine, milk, meat juice, ink, rust, etc.) are not removed without some pre-treatment or mechanical agitation. Once exposed to the heat of the dryer, these stains are often set.   It costs no more to do it right!

What sets Laurens Cleaners apart from our competition?

  • Daily monitoring of moisture and detergent to maintain cleaning fluid purity, clarity, and pH to eliminate shrinkage.
  • Continuous filtration of fluids to remove micro particles of soil and contaminants.
  • Maintaining constant temperature of fluids to eliminate dye run or transfer in cleaning.
  • Added textiles supplement “Enliven” for garment body and softness.
  • NO environmental surcharges levied upon our customers to pay for disposal of dirty solvent or spent cartridges required by law!
  • No delivery fees!
  • One of the few who actually pre-spot garments and textiles for optimum quality.
  • Full range of dry cleaning and laundry services including alterations, area rugs, bed pillows and linens, comforters, cushions, draperies (including take down/ rehang), heirlooming (wedding and christening gowns), leather and fur, reweaving, table linens, and upholstery.
  • Professional Member of the Dry Cleaners and Launderers Institute (DLI)

We believe that we are the VALUE CHOICE over any other competitor.  Our service emphasizes a complete satisfaction guarantee!  We operate our route concierge business as your PERSONAL VALET.  With Laurens Cleaners, there are no more unanswered calls.  You have our direct number.  Our unique commitment is to contribute positively to your image with neither hassle nor concern.

For the most common items, base prices:

  • $2.28 slacks
  • $6.00 2 piece suit
  • $2.79 sweater
  • $2.28 tie
  • $1.99 laundry shirt
  • $2.28 polo or dry cleaned shirt
  • $2.00 boxed shirt
  • $4.59 dress
  • $2.28 skirt
  • $2.40 ldry blouse
  • $10.59 wool or raincoat
  • $12.59 down jacket
  • $15.59 down coat

Silk, linen, rayon, lined, decorated (beads, sequins), flared, ruffled, and pleated items   $1.00-$3.75 more for the hand pressing/special handling needed.